vStrips | Current Version

Version Date of Release Required? Changelog Download Link 31/05/17 Yes 31st May 2017


• Grab Strips via the Bay Title context menu:

AIR views:
o From all GMP and GMC bays to the holding point(s) bay
PLEASE NOTE: AIR cannot grab a strip from another controller onto any runway bay.

GMC views:
o From all GMP bays to Start(ed)
o From AIR Pending Arrivals & Arrival Sequence to Taxi (Taxi In)
PLEASE NOTE: GMC cannot grab a strip from any AIR Runway bays, this must be manually sent by the AIR controller.

Bugs corrected:

• Corrected the problem (on opening screen) with automatic configuration file updates.

Airfield Information Updates

• EGCC has new clearance limit image and implements the same push direction functions as EGLL.
• Corrected spelling of EGCC SID “SANBA”.
• Added the standard altitudes which were missing from the EGCC airfield data.
• EGLL & EGSS – Inbound strips automatically populate with a random and empty stand, appropriate to the aircraft type and airline.
• EGKK – Updated inbound stand arrival for EZY, BAW and VIR with regards to terminal moves.

Known issues:

• None.